Android Studio Installation and Setup



  • unzip the Android Studio Bundle

  • launch Android Studio. This may take quite some time as additional downloads and setup steps are completed. These steps are necessary for Studio to run properly.

  • after the previous step is complete, it is necessary install the SDK and build tools. SDK Manager is located in: Tools --> Android --> SDK Manager. It is also possible to access the SDK Manager without opening a project by selecting it from the dialog box Android Studio presents at startup:

    The SDK Manager window looks like this:

    Make sure to install the platforms and tools that your project requires.

Compiling cpp-tests

cpp-tests is a project you can run to get familiar with how to code using Cocos2d-x. To run this project with Android Studio:

  • import the cpp-tests project from cocos2d-x root/tests/cpp-tests/ in Android Studio. Android Studio will do everything required. You can run cpp-tests by clicking on the Play button.

    note: Android Studio is going to download many components. It may even throw errors that you just click to fix. These errors may include: gradle version updates, installing missing build tools, agreeing to license agreements, etc.

Starting a new project

Starting a new project requires a few steps:

  • first, use cocos new ... to create your project. See the Cocos Command-line tool for additional help.
  • next, launch Android Studio.
  • next, you must specify what version of the Android SDK you are using. You can do this by modifying

Debugging c++

Starting with cocos2d-x v3.15, you can use Android Studio 2.3+ to debug c++ code by setting breakpoints where you wish.

Build for release mode

There are a few required steps to build in release mode:

  • change Build Variant to release
  • set signing information in
  • for lua projects, if you want to encrypt lua codes, you should set encrypt information in too

Installing new SDK versions and build tools

  • use the built in SDK Manager to install the SDK versions and build tools that you are targetting.

    Note: It is important to note that Android Studio uses a location to install SDK versions and build tools that is not the same as if you were doing command-line development. Double check that you have everything you need installed from inside Android Studio.


Please see this F.A.Q for troubleshooting help.

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