When using 3D, there are some commonly used terms that you should be familiar with:

  • Mesh - vertices that construct a shape and texture with which you are rendering.

  • Model - an object that can be rendered. It is a collection of meshes. In our engine Sprite3D.

  • Texture - All surfaces and vertices of a 3D model can be mapped to a texture. In most cases you will have multiple textures per model, unwrapped in a texture atlas.

  • Camera - Since a 3D world is not flat, you need to set a camera to look at it. You get different scenes with different camera parameters.

  • Light - Lightening is applied to make scenes look realistic. To make an object look real, the color should change according to the light. When you face the light it is bright and the opposite is dark. Lightening an object means computing the object's color according to the light.

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