Cubemap Texture

A cube map texture is a collection of six separate square textures that are put onto the faces of an imaginary cube. Most often they are used to display infinitely far away reflections on objects, similar to how sky box displays far away scenery in the background. This is what an expanded cube map might look like:

In Cocos2d-x, you can create a cube map texture in this way:

// create a textureCube object with six texture assets
auto textureCube = TextureCube::create("skybox/left.jpg",  "skybox/right.jpg", "skybox/top.jpg", "skybox/bottom.jpg", "skybox/front.jpg", "skybox/back.jpg");

// set cube map texture parameters
Texture2D::TexParams tRepeatParams;
tRepeatParams.magFilter = GL_NEAREST;
tRepeatParams.minFilter = GL_NEAREST;
tRepeatParams.wrapS = GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT;
tRepeatParams.wrapT = GL_MIRRORED_REPEAT;

// create and set our custom shader
auto shader = GLProgram::createWithFilenames("cube_map.vert", "cube_map.frag");
auto _state = GLProgramState::create(shader);

// bind cube map texture to uniform
state->setUniformTexture("u_cubeTex", textureCube);

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