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CCLayerLoader Class Reference

#include <CCLayerLoader.h>

Inheritance diagram for CCLayerLoader:
CCNodeLoader CCObject CCCopying CCBLayerLoader CCLayerColorLoader CCLayerGradientLoader CCMenuLoader

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CCLayerLoader ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCNodeLoader
 CCNodeLoader ()
virtual ~CCNodeLoader ()
virtual CCNodeloadCCNode (CCNode *, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void parseProperties (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual CCDictionarygetCustomProperties ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCObject
 CCObject (void)
virtual ~CCObject (void)
void release (void)
void retain (void)
CCObjectautorelease (void)
CCObjectcopy (void)
bool isSingleReference (void) const
unsigned int retainCount (void) const
virtual bool isEqual (const CCObject *pObject)
virtual void acceptVisitor (CCDataVisitor &visitor)
virtual void update (float dt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCCopying
virtual CCObjectcopyWithZone (CCZone *pZone)

Static Public Member Functions

static CCLayerLoaderloader ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CCNodeLoader
static CCNodeLoaderloader ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual CCLayercreateCCNode (cocos2d::CCNode *pParent, cocos2d::extension::CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeCheck (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, bool pCheck, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CCNodeLoader
virtual CCPoint parsePropTypePosition (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual CCPoint parsePropTypePoint (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual CCPoint parsePropTypePointLock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual CCSize parsePropTypeSize (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual float * parsePropTypeScaleLock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual float parsePropTypeFloat (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual float parsePropTypeDegrees (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual float parsePropTypeFloatScale (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual int parsePropTypeInteger (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual int parsePropTypeIntegerLabeled (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual float * parsePropTypeFloatVar (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual bool parsePropTypeCheck (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual CCSpriteFrameparsePropTypeSpriteFrame (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual CCAnimationparsePropTypeAnimation (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual CCTexture2DparsePropTypeTexture (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual unsigned char parsePropTypeByte (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual ccColor3B parsePropTypeColor3 (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader, const char *pPropertyName)
virtual ccColor4FparsePropTypeColor4FVar (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual bool * parsePropTypeFlip (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual ccBlendFunc parsePropTypeBlendFunc (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual std::string parsePropTypeFntFile (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual std::string parsePropTypeString (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual std::string parsePropTypeText (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual std::string parsePropTypeFontTTF (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual BlockDataparsePropTypeBlock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual BlockCCControlDataparsePropTypeBlockCCControl (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual CCNodeparsePropTypeCCBFile (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual float * parsePropTypeFloatXY (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypePosition (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCPoint pPosition, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypePoint (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCPoint pPoint, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypePointLock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCPoint pPointLock, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeSize (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCSize pSize, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeScaleLock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float *pScaleLock, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFloat (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float pFloat, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeDegrees (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float pDegrees, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFloatScale (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float pFloatScale, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeInteger (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, int pInteger, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeIntegerLabeled (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, int pIntegerLabeled, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFloatVar (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float *pFoatVar, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFloatXY (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, float *pFoatVar, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeSpriteFrame (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCSpriteFrame *pCCSpriteFrame, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeAnimation (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCAnimation *pCCAnimation, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeTexture (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCTexture2D *pCCTexture2D, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeByte (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, unsigned char pByte, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeColor3 (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, ccColor3B pCCColor3B, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeColor4FVar (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, ccColor4F *pCCColor4FVar, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFlip (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, bool *pFlip, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeBlendFunc (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, ccBlendFunc pCCBlendFunc, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFntFile (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, const char *pFntFile, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeString (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, const char *pString, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeText (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, const char *pText, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeFontTTF (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, const char *pFontTTF, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeBlock (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, BlockData *pBlockData, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeBlockCCControl (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, BlockCCControlData *pBlockCCControlData, CCBReader *pCCBReader)
virtual void onHandlePropTypeCCBFile (CCNode *pNode, CCNode *pParent, const char *pPropertyName, CCNode *pCCBFileNode, CCBReader *pCCBReader)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CCObject
unsigned int m_uID
int m_nLuaID
- Protected Attributes inherited from CCNodeLoader

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~CCLayerLoader ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual CCLayer* createCCNode ( cocos2d::CCNode pParent,
cocos2d::extension::CCBReader pCCBReader 

Reimplemented from CCNodeLoader.

Reimplemented in CCLayerColorLoader, CCLayerGradientLoader, and CCMenuLoader.

static CCLayerLoader* loader ( )
virtual void onHandlePropTypeCheck ( CCNode pNode,
CCNode pParent,
const char *  pPropertyName,
bool  pCheck,
CCBReader pCCBReader 

Reimplemented from CCNodeLoader.

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