Transitioning between Scenes

You might need to move between Scene objects in your game. Perhaps starting a new game, changing levels or even ending your game. Cocos2d-x provides a number of ways to do scene transitions.

Ways to transition between Scenes

There are many ways to transition through your scenes. Each has specific functionality. Let's go through them. Given:

auto myScene = Scene::create();

runWithScene() - use this for the first scene only. This is the way to start your games first Scene.


replaceScene() - replace a scene outright.


pushScene() - suspends the execution of the running scene, pushing it on the stack of suspended scenes. Only call this if there is a running scene.


popScene() - This scene will replace the running one. The running scene will be deleted. Only call this if there is a running scene.


Transition Scenes with effects

You can add visual effects to your Scene transitions

auto myScene = Scene::create();

// Transition Fade
Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(TransitionFade::create(0.5, myScene, Color3B(0,255,255)));

// FlipX
Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(TransitionFlipX::create(2, myScene));

// Transition Slide In
Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(TransitionSlideInT::create(1, myScene) );

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