Creating a Scene and adding Sprite objects on the screen is only part of what we need to do. For a game to be a game we need to make things move around! Action objects are an integral part of every game. Actions allow the transformation of Node objects in time space. Want to move a Sprite from one Point to another and use a callback when complete? No problem! You can even create a Sequence of Action items to be performed on a Node. You can change Node properties like position, rotation and scale. Example Actions: MoveBy, Rotate, Scale. All games use Actions.

Taking a look at the sample code for this chapter, here are Actions in work:

and after 5 seconds the sprite will move to a new position:

Action objects are easy to create:

auto mySprite = Sprite::create("Blue_Front1.png");

// Move a sprite 50 pixels to the right, and 10 pixels to the top over 2 seconds.
auto moveBy = MoveBy::create(2, Vec2(50,10));

// Move a sprite to a specific location over 2 seconds.
auto moveTo = MoveTo::create(2, Vec2(50,10));

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