There are 5 types of event listeners.

EventListenerTouch - responds to touch events

EventListenerKeyboard - responds to keyboard events

EventListenerAcceleration - responds to accelerometer events

EventListenMouse - responds to mouse events

EventListenerCustom - responds to custom events

Swallowing Events

When you have a listener and you want an object to accept the event it was given you must swallow it. To say it another way, you consume it so that it doesn't get passed to other objects in highest to lowest priority. This is easy to do.

// When "swallow touches" is true, then returning 'true' from the
// onTouchBegan method will "swallow" the touch event, preventing
// other listeners from using it.

// you should also return true in onTouchBegan()

listener1->onTouchBegan = [](Touch* touch, Event* event){
    // your code

    return true;

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