Parent Child Relationship

Cocos2d-x uses a parent and child relationship. This means that properties and changes to the parent node are applied to its children. Consider a single Sprite and then a Sprite that has children:

With children, changing the rotation of the parent will also change the rotation to all children:

auto myNode = Node::create();

// rotating by setting

Just like with rotation, if you change the scale of the parent the children will also get scaled:

auto myNode = Node::create();

// scaling by setting
myNode->setScale(2.0); // scales uniformly by 2.0

Not all changes to the parent are passed down to its children. Changing the parent anchor point only affects transform operations (scale, position, rotate, skew, etc...) and does not affect children positioning. In fact, children will be always added to the bottom-left (0,0) corner of its parent.

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