Windows Phone 8 Installation and Setup

Deprecated Document. Cocos2d-x V3.15 or less is the last supported version.


Setting up Cocos2d-x

  • Download Cocos2d-x and unzip it. (maybe: ~/)

  • Make sure you have a working environment see Prerequisites above. This means a working Python, having run /> and updated your $PATH.

Compile and run the cpp-tests project

  • Open cocos2d-wp8.vc2012.sln in the build folder

  • Right click the cpp-tests project, and select Set as StartUp Project.

  • Select Emulator or a Device to run the project on. If you select Device you need to connect your phone device using usb. Compile and run the TestCpp project.

How to debug in project

  • Right click cpp-tests, select Properties, in Debug, select debug target.

  • If you select Managed Only in UI Task, it's to debug c# code in cpp-tests. If you select Native Only, it's to debug c++ code in cpp-testsComponent. If you select Native Only and want to use CCLog function, right click cpp-testsComponent and define COCOS2D_DEBUG=1 in Preprocessor Definitions.

Starting a new project

Once everything above works, you can start a new project! To do this, read our document on the Cocos Command-line tool.

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