Cocos Creator API


Cocos Creator is a highly customizable game development tool that utilizes the power of cocos2d-x.


Extends Asset
Module: cc

A cc.SpriteFrame has:

  • texture: A cc.Texture2D that will be used by the _ccsg.Sprite
  • rectangle: A rectangle of the texture


// load a cc.SpriteFrame with image path (Recommend)
var self = this;
var url = "test assets/PurpleMonster";
cc.loader.loadRes(url, cc.SpriteFrame, function (err, spriteFrame) {
 var node = new cc.Node("New Sprite");
 var sprite = node.addComponent(cc.Sprite);
 sprite.spriteFrame = spriteFrame;
 node.parent = self.node


_textureFilenameSetter String private readOnly

Use this property to set raw texture url during loading

insetTop Number

Top border of the sprite

insetBottom Number

Bottom border of the sprite

insetLeft Number

Left border of the sprite

insetRight Number

Right border of the sprite

rawUrl String readOnly

Inherited from Asset:

Returns the url of this asset's first raw file, if none of rawFile exists, it will returns an empty string.

rawUrls String[] readOnly

Inherited from Asset:

Returns the url of this asset's raw files, if none of rawFile exists, it will returns an empty array.

_rawFiles String[] private

Inherited from Asset:

在 lite 版的 Fireball 里,raw asset 并不仅仅是在 properties 里声明了 rawType 才有, 而是每个 asset 都能指定自己的 raw file url。这些 url 就存在 _rawFiles 字段中。 AssetLibrary 并不会帮你加载这些 url,除非你声明了 rawType。 在 Creator 里,_rawFiles 保留了下来,为了复用 cocos 引擎原有实现,直接用 _rawFiles 来加载 Asset 在 import 之前的源文件。

_uuid String private

Inherited from RawAsset:

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  • [filename ]
  • [rect ]
  • [rotated ]
  • [offset ]
  • [originalSize ]

Constructor of SpriteFrame class.

name type description
filename optional String | Texture2D
rect optional Rect
rotated optional Boolean

Whether the frame is rotated in the texture

offset optional Vec2

The offset of the frame in the texture

originalSize optional Size

The size of the frame in the texture

textureLoaded ( ) boolean

Returns whether the texture have been loaded


type: boolean

  • callback
  • target

deprecated: since 3.1, please use EventTarget API instead

Add a event listener for texture loaded event.

name type description
callback Function
target Object

isRotated ( ) Boolean

Returns whether the sprite frame is rotated in the texture.


type: Boolean

  • bRotated