cocos2d-x  3.0
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CCAffineTransform.h File Reference
#include "CCGeometry.h"
#include "CCPlatformMacros.h"
#include "kazmath/kazmath.h"


struct  AffineTransform


 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.

Constant Groups

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#define AffineTransformMake   __CCAffineTransformMake
#define PointApplyAffineTransform   __CCPointApplyAffineTransform
#define SizeApplyAffineTransform   __CCSizeApplyAffineTransform


CC_DLL AffineTransform  (float a, float b, float c, float d, float tx, float ty)
var  ( var a, var b, var c, var d, var tx, var ty)
local  ( local a, local b, local c, local d, local tx, local ty)
CC_DLL Point  (const Point &point, const AffineTransform &t)
CC_DLL Size  (const Size &size, const AffineTransform &t)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  ()
CC_DLL Rect  (const Rect &rect, const AffineTransform &anAffineTransform)
var  ( var rect, var anAffineTransform)
local  ( local rect, local anAffineTransform)
CC_DLL Rect  (const Rect &rect, const kmMat4 &transform)
CC_DLL Point  (const Point &point, const kmMat4 &transform)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  (const AffineTransform &t, float tx, float ty)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  (const AffineTransform &aTransform, float anAngle)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  (const AffineTransform &t, float sx, float sy)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  (const AffineTransform &t1, const AffineTransform &t2)
CC_DLL bool  (const AffineTransform &t1, const AffineTransform &t2)
CC_DLL AffineTransform  (const AffineTransform &t)
kmMat4  (const kmMat4 &t1, const kmMat4 &t2)


CC_DLL const AffineTransform AffineTransformIdentity

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AffineTransformMake   __CCAffineTransformMake
#define PointApplyAffineTransform   __CCPointApplyAffineTransform
var PointApplyAffineTransform   __CCPointApplyAffineTransform
local PointApplyAffineTransform   __CCPointApplyAffineTransform
#define SizeApplyAffineTransform   __CCSizeApplyAffineTransform
var SizeApplyAffineTransform   __CCSizeApplyAffineTransform
local SizeApplyAffineTransform   __CCSizeApplyAffineTransform