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EaseBounceOut Class Reference

EaseBounceOut action. More...

#include <CCActionEase.h>

Inheritance diagram for EaseBounceOut:
EaseBounce ActionEase ActionInterval FiniteTimeAction Action Ref Clonable

Public Member Functions

virtual void update (float time) override
 called once per frame. More...
virtual EaseBounceOutclone () const override
 returns a clone of action More...
virtual EaseBouncereverse () const override
 returns a new action that performs the exactly the reverse action More...

Static Public Member Functions

static EaseBounceOutcreate (ActionInterval *action)
 creates the action More...

Protected Member Functions

 EaseBounceOut ()
virtual ~EaseBounceOut ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EaseBounce
 EaseBounce ()
 EaseBounce ()
 EaseBounce ()
virtual ~EaseBounce ()
var ~EaseBounce ()
local ~EaseBounce ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ActionEase
 ActionEase ()
virtual ~ActionEase ()
var ~ActionEase ()
local ~ActionEase ()
bool initWithAction (ActionInterval *action)
 initializes the action More...
var initWithAction ( var action)
 initializes the action More...
local initWithAction ( local action)
 initializes the action More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ActionInterval
bool initWithDuration (float d)
 initializes the action More...
var initWithDuration ( var d)
 initializes the action More...
local initWithDuration ( local d)
 initializes the action More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FiniteTimeAction
 FiniteTimeAction ()
virtual ~FiniteTimeAction ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Action
 Action ()
 Action ()
 Action ()
virtual ~Action ()
var ~Action ()
local ~Action ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ref
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from Action
static const int INVALID_TAG = -1
 Default tag used for all the actions. More...
var INVALID_TAG = -1
 Default tag used for all the actions. More...
local INVALID_TAG = -1
 Default tag used for all the actions. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ActionEase
 The inner action. More...

Detailed Description

EaseBounceOut action.

This action doesn't use a bijective function. Actions like Sequence might have an unexpected result when used with this action.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EaseBounceOut ( )
virtual ~EaseBounceOut ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual EaseBounceOut* clone ( ) const

returns a clone of action

Implements EaseBounce.

static EaseBounceOut* create ( ActionInterval action)

creates the action

virtual EaseBounce* reverse ( ) const

returns a new action that performs the exactly the reverse action

Implements EaseBounce.

virtual void update ( float  time)

called once per frame.

time a value between 0 and 1

For example:

  • 0 means that the action just started
  • 0.5 means that the action is in the middle
  • 1 means that the action is over

Reimplemented from ActionEase.

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