Class ccs.MovementData


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The movement data information of Cocos Armature.

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The movement data information of Cocos Armature.

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Change to this movement will last durationTo frames. Use this effect can avoid too suddenly changing. Example : current movement is "stand", we want to change to "run", then we fill durationTo frames before change to "run" instead of changing to "run" directly.
This is different from duration, durationTween contain tween effect. duration is the raw time that the animation will last, it's the same with the time you edit in the Action Editor. durationTween is the actual time you want this animation last. Example : If we edit 10 frames in the flash, then duration is 10. When we set durationTween to 50, the movement will last 50 frames, the extra 40 frames will auto filled with tween effect
Which tween easing effect the movement use TWEEN_EASING_MAX : use the value from MovementData get from flash design panel

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