Class ccs.BaseData

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The base data class for Armature.

Method Summary

Class Detail


The base data class for Armature. it contains position, zOrder, skew, scale, color datas.
x y skewX skewY scaleX scaleY used to calculate transform matrix
skewX, skewY can have rotation effect
To get more matrix information, you can have a look at this pape :

Field Detail

{Number} a
- a of color
{Number} b
- b of color
{Number} g
- g of color
{Number} isUseColorInfo
- is Use Color Info
{Number} r
- r of color
{Number} scaleX
- scaleX
{Number} scaleY
- scaleY
{Number} skewX
- skewX
{Number} skewY
- skewY
{Number} tweenRotate
- tween Rotate
{Number} x
- x
{Number} y
- y
{Number} zOrder
- zOrder

Method Detail

  • copy(node)
    Copy data from node
    {ccs.BaseData} node
  • ctor()
    Construction of ccs.BaseData
  • {cc.Color} getColor()
    Returns the color of ccs.BaseData
  • setColor(color)
    Sets color to base data.
    {cc.Color} color
  • subtract(from, to, limit)
    Calculate two baseData's between value(to - from) and set to self
    {ccs.BaseData} from
    {ccs.BaseData} to
    {Boolean} limit