Class ccs.ActionFrame

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
The action frame of Cocostudio.

Method Summary

Class Detail

The action frame of Cocostudio. It's the base class of ccs.ActionMoveFrame, ccs.ActionScaleFrame etc.

Field Detail

{Number} easingType
- easing type of ccs.ActionFrame
{Number} frameIndex
- frame index of ccs.ActionFrame
{Number} frameType
- frame type of ccs.ActionFrame
{Number} time
- time of ccs.ActionFrame

Method Detail

  • ctor()
    The constructor of cc.ActionFrame.
  • {null} getAction(duration, srcFrame)
    Returns the action of ActionFrame. its subClass need override it.
    {number} duration
    the duration time of ActionFrame
    {ccs.ActionFrame} srcFrame
    source frame.
  • setEasingParameter(parameter)
    Sets the easing parameter to action frame.
    {Array} parameter
  • setEasingType(easingType)
    Sets the easing type to ccs.ActionFrame
    {Number} easingType