Namespace cc.sys

Method Summary

Field Detail

<static> <constant> cc.sys.ANDROID
<static> <constant> cc.sys.BLACKBERRY
<static> cc.sys.browserType
Indicate the running browser type
<static> cc.sys.browserVersion
Indicate the running browser version
<static> <constant> cc.sys.DESKTOP_BROWSER
<static> <constant> cc.sys.EMSCRIPTEN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.IOS
<static> cc.sys.isMobile
Indicate whether system is mobile system
<static> cc.sys.isNative
Is native ? This is set to be true in jsb auto.
<static> cc.sys.language
Indicate the current language of the running system
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ARABIC
Arabic language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_CHINESE
Chinese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_DUTCH
Spanish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ENGLISH
English language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_FRENCH
French language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_GERMAN
German language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_HUNGARIAN
Hungarian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ITALIAN
Italian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_JAPANESE
Japanese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_KOREAN
Korean language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_NORWEGIAN
Norwegian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_POLISH
Polish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_PORTUGUESE
Portuguese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_RUSSIAN
Russian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_SPANISH
Spanish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LINUX
<static> cc.sys.localStorage
cc.sys.localStorage is a local storage component.
<static> <constant> cc.sys.MACOS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.MOBILE_BROWSER
<static> <constant> cc.sys.NACL
<static> cc.sys.openURL
Open a url in browser
<static> cc.sys.os
Indicate the running os name
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_ANDROID
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_BADA
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_BLACKBERRY
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_IOS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_LINUX
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_MARMALADE
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_OSX
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_UNKNOWN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_WINDOWS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_WINRT
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_WP8
<static> cc.sys.platform
Indicate the running platform
<static> <constant> cc.sys.TIZEN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.UNKNOWN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WIN32
<static> cc.sys.windowPixelResolution
Indicate the real pixel resolution of the whole game window
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WINRT
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WP8

Method Detail

  • <static> cc.sys.cleanScript(jsfile)
    Clean a script in the JS VM, only available in JSB
    {String} jsfile
  • <static> cc.sys.dump()
    Dump system informations
  • <static> cc.sys.dumpRoot()
    Dumps rooted objects, only available in JSB
  • <static> cc.sys.garbageCollect()
    Forces the garbage collection, only available in JSB
  • <static> {boolean} cc.sys.isObjectValid(obj)
    Check whether an object is valid, In web engine, it will return true if the object exist In native engine, it will return true if the JS object and the correspond native object are both valid
    {Object} obj
    {boolean} Validity of the object
  • <static> cc.sys.restartVM()
    Restart the JS VM, only available in JSB