Class cc.ActionInstant

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Instant actions are immediate actions.

Method Summary

Class Detail

Instant actions are immediate actions. They don't have a duration like. the CCIntervalAction actions.

Method Detail

  • to copy object with deep copy. returns a clone of action.
  • {Boolean} isDone()
    return true if the action has finished.
  • {cc.Action} reverse()
    returns a reversed action.
    For example:
    - The action will be x coordinates of 0 move to 100.
    - The reversed action will be x of 100 move to 0. - Will be rewritten
  • step(dt)
    called every frame with it's delta time.
    DON'T override unless you know what you are doing.
    {Number} dt
  • update(dt)
    Called once per frame. Time is the number of seconds of a frame interval.
    {Number} dt