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 Ncocos2dCopyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CAutoReleasePoolA pool for managing autorelease objects
 CccBezierConfigBezier configuration structure
 CCCUISingleLineTextFieldTODO: Missing doc - Why is this subclass necessary?
 C<CCUITextInput>This protocol provides a common interface for consolidating text input method calls
 CForceFieldCalculationFactoryInternal class, the ForceField calculation factory
 CGLContextAttrsThere are six opengl Context Attrs
 CGLNodeThe GLNode is wrapped to call the callback function about draw in the Lua
 CLuaJavaBridgeBuild a bridge between Java and Lua script
 CScriptingCoreScriptingCore is the main class which manages interaction with JavaScript environment It creates the JavaScript context and its global object
 CSiliderUI Slider widget
 CTexParamsExtension to set the Min / Mag filter
 CTextHAlignmentHorizontal text alignment type
 CTextVAlignmentVertical text alignment type